Below are a selection of comments from some of our several thousand satisfied customers :



"Dear Fix and Teach

I would like to thank you for coming out at short notice over Christmas and New year 2008/2009  to restore my broadband access in order that I can run my ski business when BT Broad band technical services proved AGAIN to be incompetent. There is indeed no point in even contacting these help lines as they couldn’t diagnose or solve the problem and gave a different explanation every time. 11 days of utter frustration with BT was solved in 2 hours via Fix & Teach.

The engineer Steve was polite, thorough, calm, and helpful and a fountain of knowledge working from 9pm to 11pm to solve my problem and enhance my computer usage."

Helena P (Sisolakova Cottages-Slovakia), Hillingdon



"Just a quick note of appreciation to once again say that I was delighted with your restoration of my PC. I'm grateful for your 'aftercare' too.

My computer is now working perfectly, and far better than in recent times before it ceased functioning. It's faster and all crashing of programs has stopped.

You are providing a superlative service and I feel sorry for people with computer problems who haven't discovered it yet."

Peter F, Northwood



"Thank you for fixing our main computer and for recovering the lost data that Dell informed us was unrecoverable.

In future, we will not seek technical support from Delhi in India. Nor will we pay Dell for that non existent service.

Instead, we will be using your company who we now know to be exceptional, affordable, extremely knowledgable and highly recommendable.


T.A. Buttivant, Director, Du'Barry Group Limited, Uxbridge



"Excellent service from Steve at Fix and Teach. This is the second time this year that I have needed help with our various computers. Each time Steve has come to the rescue and solved the problem with his patience and obvious expertise. I would not hesitate to call him again and recommend him to anyone who is suffering at the keyboard of their computer!"

Maureen S, Ruislip



"I own several computers and work from home, I also have children who use them very regularly for homework. I have tried various companies and individuals over the past few years for servicing and maintaining these computers with varying degrees of dissatisfaction. It has now been over a year that I have been using the services of Steve Penfold from 'Fix and Teach'. I have found Steve's Knowledge base to be extensive and his work approach to be educational, thorough, personal and extremely courteous. Using the services Fix and Teach has also proved to be very cost effective compared to others I have tried. Steve is now the only person I would call if I have a computer problem. Therefore I would strongly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation."

Phil F, Kingsbury



"I received the highest standard of support from Fix and Teach Computing during a recent visit to my home. Not only was efficient and comprehensive technical support provided, but it was done in a way which enabled me to learn what was happening. I recommend Fix and Teach Computing without reservation."

Peter R, Professor of Islamic Studies, and Director, Centre for Islamic Studies, London School of Theology



"... providing a competitively priced completely professional service for people like myself who have a very basic knowledge of computer sytems but need someone who can quickly and efficiently diagnose a particular problem at home at their convenience.

I have been very pleased with the service especially being able to receive specific tuition on common problems to help me safeguard my computer in the future and also being able to e-mail you afterwards if the problem re-occurs. I have really appreciated, as I've said previously, an attitude of patience and understanding regarding the needs of someone who may not be totally familiar with computer jargon."

Amanda F, Northolt



"Many thanks for all your help and work on my computer, I must say you were very patient with the ‘older lady’. Having been working all day you came in the evening and kept going until the problem was solved, which was very much appreciated."

Laura O, Uxbridge



"As I am nearly 80 years of age and not highly skilled at setting up my Laptop, I asked Steve Penfold to assist me in obtaining a Broadband connection. I was highly impressed with the way he tackled this task and was delighted with the advice that he gave me on the subject of keeping my Laptop free of viruses and other nasties.

For anyone with problems, or wishes to have advice on any topic dealing with Computers I can thoroughly recommend Steve Penfold. I was also very impressed by his ability to explain technicalities using simple language."

Oliver P, Harlington



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